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Sulking in Summertime

July 27, 2022
When working in a skilled nursing facility, it’s important to remember why we are here. At Meadow Grove, one of our core values states, “Treat a disease; you may win, you may lose. Treat a person; you’ll win no matter what.” This time of year has allowed us to dial in on this core value and make sure that our residents know that they come first and that their wants and needs are always valued. This summer, we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with our residents on a deeper level, learning about their summer memories growing up and making some new ones they will cherish forever.

If you ask our residents at Meadow Grove what their favorite season was growing up, many will answer with, “summer!" We went around asking some of our residents this question to see why this time of year holds such a special place in their hearts. If you ask Nancy or Charlene, they will tell you it’s because summer brought a bit of freedom, especially during their school years. For Patty, summertime meant that she could spend time at her favorite place, her grandparents' farm, where she played with the kittens and other free-roaming animals around the pasture. Hester says she couldn’t wait for summer because it meant the warmth was coming, and she could spend as much time outside as possible. Discussing these memories brought lots of laughter and reminiscing amongst our residents.

This summer, we have also learned more about the sunshine than we did before! Did you know that Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps build and maintain healthy bones? While being outside, your body naturally absorbs this nutrient from the sun. With this in mind, the therapy team at Meadow Grove has decided to make spending time outside a priority for our residents. For therapy, the residents are often taken outside for their walking exercises. That way, the sun is also doing its part in helping residents regain their strength.

Our Activities Director, Dori, has also put a large focus on spending more time outdoors for our residents. Dori and the entire Activities Department organized many activities and events outdoors, including the 4th of July Drive-By Parade that our residents lined up to enjoy. The water balloon fight was the talk of the summer at Meadow Grove! Staff got involved and allowed residents to throw balloons at them. When asked why they returned to work in their damp clothes, staff members said, “We do it for our residents.”

One of the most memorable events hosted so far this summer for our residents was the Slip-N-Slide! Many residents came out to participate in the fun. With a pool for feet soaking, water soakers, several umbrellas for shade, and fun drinks with umbrellas, this day was filled with nothing but fun and laughter, and reminiscing. A huge thank you to our Administrator, Therapy Department, and Maintenance Director for safely pulling residents down the Slip-N-Slide. It’s been a few weeks since this event, and our residents are still buzzing about how much fun they had. When asked what their favorite part of the day was, one of our residents, Cecil, simply shared, “All of it.”

On behalf of all of the staff here at Meadow Grove, we feel so privileged to serve our residents with the utmost respect and care. One of our daily goals is to make a resident smile, and we sure accomplished this and more this summer with our residents.

Interested in getting more involved at Meadow Grove? Reach out to our Administrative Team by clicking the button below or calling our facility at 614.594.1600.

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